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We’ve created this site so that you can look at roles, read stories from people, take tours, explore business areas and generally get a good feel for what we’re like and what a career with Barclays could mean.

Before you apply we’d encourage you to use all the resources on this site (and others at your disposal such as visiting our branches) to find out more about us and the role you’re applying for – the information is here to help you decide whether we, and the role you’re interested in is right for you.

Use our branch and contact centre location tours to get a sense of the working environment. Does the environment appeal to you? Is this an environment you could see yourself thriving in?

At Barclays we have five values (Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence, Stewardship) which we expect all our people to live by. Do these resonate with you? Use our culture fit quiz to assess yourself against our values.

See some of our people describe their roles and experience in a day in their lives – with the highs and the lows.

There are a huge number of career paths at Barclays – this very quick quiz can help give you some ideas about where to start but we’d always encourage you to do some further research before you apply.

Below is an overview of what the Barclays application process involves.

Application Process

Step 1


While the application process will vary slightly depending on the role you’re applying for, there are some constants. Applications for all our vacancies are made by online application form so you’ll need to be at a PC to submit your application.

On the application form we ask for information like your contact details, education and work experience. You will be required to upload a CV, so it’s a good idea to have this ready.

Step 2


If your application is successful you will be invited to complete a number of online assessments or take part in a telephone interview.

Our online assessments are carefully designed to measure the skills and capabilities necessary to be successful in our roles – they will also provide you with some insight into what our roles entail. The assessments typically take around 60 minutes and you’ll always have the opportunity to practice first. At interview we may ask you to re-sit these assessments as part of our verification processes.

Our telephone interviews are designed to give us the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of your experience and technical skills. It also gives you the chance to ask us questions. They typically last around 30 minutes.

Step 3


If you are successful at telephone interview or online assessment, we’ll invite you to attend a face to face interview.

We want you to be free to choose an interview time that suits you, so we’ll provide some options and ask you to select your preferred one online.

At interview we’re keen to explore your motivation for the role, your fit with our values and the key skills and behaviours (competencies) required in role.

You can provide this evidence of core competencies by quoting examples of when, why and how you have demonstrated these skills in the past. This lets our interviewers know that you have the potential to apply these skills to a role with us.

For some roles we may also ask you to participate in additional assessments e.g., role plays, case studies and presentations. We’ll only assess skills relevant to the role and will provide a full brief beforehand which will let you know what’s going to happen.

To allow us to progress your application quickly it’s critical that you bring supporting documentation like passports, which verify your right to work in the UK and driving licences or bank statements, which verify your current address to your interview (download our what to bring checklist [PDF – 100kb]

Step 4


Following your interview you can expect to receive the outcome within 5 working days of all interviews for this role being completed.

If you’ve been successful at interview we’ll ask for some additional information so that you can complete our People Screening process. There are two equally important stages:

Stage One
This includes a credit check, sanctions check, CIFAS check and a basic criminal record check. You can’t start work with us until you pass stage one, so you need to provide the information quickly.

Stage Two
These checks will continue after you’ve joined and must be completed in your first eight weeks. The information we’ll need includes: National Insurance (UK), Social National Identity (other) or Passport numbers, mother’s maiden name (basic criminal check) and six years’ worth of addresses (including any college/university addresses).

If you’ve lived outside the UK in the last six years you must declare these addresses on your application form, please review our International Requirements (save the information in a document titled ‘Your Name-International Requirements’ and upload this to the First Advantage portal when prompted to do so) and provide a signed consent form.

We’ll also ask you to provide employment dates, company names and addresses of all employers (including recruitment agencies), salary, position held and reason for leaving within the last three years – even if you were only there for a week.

If you have been in full-time education within the last three years we’ll also ask you to provide education details and if you have any career gaps we’ll ask you to include a reason, and for gaps over three months documentary evidence.

For some of our regulated roles, five year history and additional screening checks will also be carried out.

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