An Inside Peek at Working in the Advocacy Team

By Barclays | April 26, 2016

At Barclays, customer care is more than answering calls and ticking boxes. We’ve developed Smarter Human Banking – an innovative approach that combines smarter technology with a 4,000-strong team of decision makers who are central to our success and goals. It’s thanks to the amazing people who work in our Advocacy Team that we’re able to build relationships with our customers and help them find the best solutions to meet their needs. That’s why we’re proud to introduce you to some of the brilliant people we have working in Advocacy at Barclays.


Q: What does being part of Team Advocacy mean to you?

A: It means being part of a loyal, caring and passionate team of people who are all dedicated to making things better for others. Everyone has a tremendous amount of integrity and pride when dealing with customers. We work in a positive environment and we all help one another.

Zara – Outcome Leader

A: My main aim when working with customers is to get the right outcome in the right way. It’s the surest method for turning our customers into advocates. Whether working with customers or colleagues, we’re always trying to uphold our values as a business. If we see something that’s unfair, we don’t stop until we’ve put it right. 

Keith Customer Service Associate


Q: What is the one thing that makes you feel most proud about your role?

A: The ability to support people and build their confidence. There is nothing better than watching someone grow and empowering them to perform their role with confidence.

Zara – Outcome Leader

A: There’s no better feeling than hearing how much a customer appreciates our help. Many of the problems we deal with are related to issues that have either been ongoing sources of frustration or larger issues that have caused substantial distress. By working with other departments we can deliver fantastic results for our customers and get them back to where they need to be.

Glenn – Customer Service Associate


Q: Tell us how what you do in your role supports into Barclays’ values

A: By giving my team the support to develop themselves and become better Customer Service Associates, and better people as well. All of which helps improve our reputation as a bank, as they’re able to handle complaints more effectively.

Julie – Team Leader


Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

A: I spend most days helping customers find answers to their questions. If I need to, I’ll turn to other departments in Barclays to find the best possible solutions for our customers.

Charlotte – Customer Service Associate

A: A typical day for me is full of questions. This is great because it provides equal learning opportunities for both me and the Customer Service Associates. It also involves quality assurance checking and other responsibilities such as Financial Ombudsman Service cases and identifying trends to maximise the effectiveness of my future coaching.

James – Outcome Leader


Q: Where do you think your role will take you in Barclays?

A: I’d first like to complete my NVQ in Financial Services. Once I’ve done that, I’d like to become an Outcome Leader with the aim of progressing to a Team Leader in the future.

Charlotte – Customer Service Associate


Q: What are the training opportunities like?

A: They’re fantastic, and it’s not just through LMS (Learning and Management systems) either. The leadership courses have been invaluable, not to mention our careers website and the PCB Academy.

Julie – Team Leader

A: There are lots of training opportunities. I’m currently completing an NVQ in Financial Services. There are also regular training sessions to ensure we maintain consistent standards throughout the department, and we get online training on a regular basis to ensure that we gain knowledge in specific areas. 

Charlotte – Customer Service Associate


Q: Who can you turn to if there’s a problem?

A: Fortunately, I work with a management team who are extremely helpful. If there are any problems, my team leader would be my first point of contact. Having said that, I would feel comfortable approaching any member of the senior team for help, whether for a work-related matter or a personal one.

Keith – Customer Service Associate


Q: Is this more than a customer service role? How is it different?

A: Customer service is simply ‘providing assistance and advice’. Advocacy and ART (Advocacy Resolution Team) are much more than that. We don’t just answer questions. We take the time to understand our customers and their needs. This enables us to make changes and decisions that are tailored to our customers as individuals.

James – Outcome Leader

A: It’s so much more. I’ve been a keen advocate of the Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) scheme since I heard of it during training. It’s a wonderful system where we send personal gifts to our customers once we’ve resolved their complaints. After you’ve spent a week or two dealing with a tricky complaint, you’ll have spoken to the customer numerous times. The vast majority of them are lovely people who you can really build a rapport with. I’ve had calls and letters from customers who I’ve sent an ARK to and they’re so amazed that something they mentioned in passing (a new baby, having family overseas, looking forward to a glass of whiskey after walking their dogs, etc.) resulted in our sending them a gift!

Glenn – Customer Service Associate


When you join the Advocacy Team, whether you’re on the front line, speaking to our customers; an analyst providing insight; a subject matter expert; specialist case manager or part of the leadership team, you’ll be putting what our customers want at the heart of every interaction.

Why not join a long-established bank that is continually evolving to connect with customers – as part of a team that understands individual needs to take service to new levels? If you care about people and have great communication skills, visit to see what roles we have available.

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