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Listening, understanding and offering solutions is and has always been the Barclays’ way. This is especially true in Premier where our resilience and passion drives us to go the extra mile for our clients, to help them achieve their ambitions.
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Our professional contact centre Premier teams are delivering on our promise to always be there for our customers, all with a caring attitude that people can’t help but notice. That’s why when it comes to this area of our business we’re really looking for helpful and ambitious problem-solvers who will put the client’s needs first.

We want to provide our Premier account holders with the assurance and comfort of knowing that we really understand their individual circumstances, and that our team are going above and beyond to meet their needs. Whatever the challenge, our Premier colleagues bring unique perspectives, experiences and skills which inspire and reassure in equal measure.

So, if you’re the kind of positive, optimistic person who’s unfazed by life’s little challenges – helpful, caring and happy to go the extra mile for others, don’t keep it to yourself.  Come and share what makes you, you.

We currently have opportunities in our Premier teams across a number of locations across the UK including Isle of Man and Jersey, so please scroll down to see our featured roles.


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