Community Banker

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Here you can browse all our Community Banker jobs.

As a Community Banker, your great people skills will enable you to address our customers’ needs and solve their problems. Although previous experience in the banking sector is useful, we’re more interested in working with people who strive to provide excellent service and have a thirst for learning new things. Putting the customer first will be your main priority, but you’ll also be adept at working in the community banking team and supporting your colleagues.

We’re also focusing on the community outside our branches, fundraising for local charities and providing Life Skills training sessions in schools. To make it easy for you to get involved, we offer a two-day paid volunteering allowance.

As we aim to become the UK’s go-to bank there’ll be improvements along the way, so an ability to adapt well to change is essential. It’s also important that you’re flexible enough to work at weekends and evenings if required.