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With all we do, our branches are still probably what we’re known for best. Wherever our 14 million customers are in the UK, many of them feel it’s vital that they’re close to a branch – whether they want simple, day-to-day transactions or specialist advice. Of course, it’s the talent and shared values of our people that makes sure our customers come back for more.
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In terms of training and development, our branch network can offer it all. We believe our training is some of the very best around, and development opportunities are there for the taking. Whether you have financial services experience or not, you’ll fit right into one of our friendly teams, and we’ll give you the tools to make sure you have what you need to make our customers’ lives easier right from day one.

We’re not only changing the way our branches look, we’re also changing the way you’ll work in them. From the moment a customer walks in, you’ll be on hand to help them with their everyday banking needs.

We want to bring you closer to the customers, so you’ll be spending the majority of your time with our customers, not behind a desk. Technology, such as the tablets that we have in every branch will help you to perform tasks quickly and accurately. We also want you to share your enthusiasm for all things digital with customers and advise them on how our apps and online services can make their lives easier.

We’ll equip you with the knowledge to do a whole range of banking essentials, from everyday transactions to opening new savings accounts. You’ll be passionate about every single customer in your community, and this interaction with people will be something you already thrive on.

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Alyson Miller. Moment Banker, Hove

Jonny Senett, Essential Banker, Brighton

Nigel Taylor, Community Banking Director for the Sussex and Surrey Community

Recognition for a job well done in Community Banking

Our Roles

Branch and Area Managers

When you join a Barclays branch management team, you take on an ambitious challenge – making your branch a big local success within a huge global network.

Alongside your fellow managers, you’ll set the style and standards of the operation. You’ll develop your area’s plan. And you’ll inspire the branch’s workforce, providing the leadership, coaching and support they need to deliver a seamless, high quality service for our customers.

You’ll bring to the table a rare combination of commercial acumen and people management skills. A proven leader, you’ll know how to embed both a strong customer focus and a true customer service ethic within a team that’s there to make customers’ lives much easier. And your broad knowledge of banking products, services, regulations and operations will help you run the branch almost like it’s your own business.

A well run, high performing branch will attract recognition and offers a competitive salary and fantastic benefits for its managers. Of course, the assistant manager’s role is the perfect preparation for the step up to manager.

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Community Banker - Customer Advisor

We’re a much-loved part of high streets up and down the country. Wherever our 14 million customers are in the UK, many of them feel it’s vital that they’re close to a branch – whether they want simple, day-to-day transactions or specialist advice. Which is why our in-branch Personal Bankers are so important.

As a member of this vital team, your great people skills will enable you to address our customers’ needs and solve their problems. To do this you’ll spend the majority of your time speaking to them face-to-face, not behind a desk – using our up-to-date technology, such as our in-branch tablets to perform tasks quickly and accurately. And with your enthusiasm for all things digital, you’ll advise our customers on how our apps and online services can make their lives easier too.

Although previous experience in the banking sector is useful, we’re more interested in working with and developing people who strive to provide excellent service and have a thirst for learning new things. So if you can work as a team to make our customers your main priority, we’ll give you the tools you need to make our customers’ lives easier right from day one.

And as we believe community banking doesn’t stop at our door, we’ll support you to play a real part in life outside our branches too – giving you two days paid volunteering leave to do anything from fundraising for local charities to providing Life Skills training sessions.

As we aim to become the UK’s go-to bank there’ll be improvements along the way, so an ability to adapt well to change is essential. It’s also important that you’re flexible enough to work at weekends and evenings if required.

Management Roles

There are, of course, other senior roles within Branch Network. For example, a Regional Director will lead the organisation and performance in a defined geographical area, working with our specialists in that region to reach agreed goals and maximise market opportunities.

Area Directors have a similar role in a smaller area, in that they lead, manage and maximise the value created across a specific geographical region and lead the delivery of the organisation change agenda. Area Performance Managers support the Area Director in driving performance and service management across the area. This includes providing direction and leadership to the Branch Managers and occasionally acting as Area Director.

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