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Our Stories

Discover life at Barclays, from amazing career journeys, big projects and brilliant programmes, to our charity initiatives and community work. We live and breathe our five core values: Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Stewardship. They’re what motivate us and make us who we are. Hear our people’s stories and find out more about what it’s like to work at Barclays.

Candidate Advice

My career progression made easy

After doing my degree, I wasn’t necessarily looking for a Personal Assistant (PA) role, but when I came for an interview at Barclays, I thought the team worked together well and had to come aboard. And, here I am, nine years later.

Best of both. How Barclays helped me find the right balance between my life and career.

Having a child and developing in my career was no problem at first, however when my second was born, the added responsibilities and the long commute from Dorking to London each day made me revaluate my options.

How to become a mortgage advisor in six steps

So, you’ve decided that you are interested in a career as a mortgage advisor but you aren’t sure what the next steps are? Here’s our guide to becoming a mortgage advisor, from getting the right qualifications to finding a job that’s right for you.

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Day-to-day customer experiences

My journey to becoming a Canary Wharf Based Mortgages Advisor

I first joined Barclays in January of 2010 as a cashier but quickly moved into a role within Personal Banking. After that I went into Mortgages where I now work as a Mortgage Advisor. I immediately felt right at home. My career progression has been great and I’ve felt both challenged and excited by the opportunities I’ve been given.

I’m a mother who runs my own business — and I work in a Barclays branch too

Essential Banker Cassy Childs talks about how she manages to keep on top of her children, her business, and her Job at Barclays.

Six reasons why you’ll want to work in Barclays Sunderland contact centre

If you’re looking for reasons to join our Sunderland contact centre, we have six of them. Find out what makes us great and apply for a role.

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Business stories

A day in the Life of a Small Business Area Leader …

My role within Business Banking is to support and develop small business managers to on-board and grow our new start up customers across the East London community. I play a key role in encouraging and motivating our small business…

A day in the life of a Relationship Support Manager…

I have worked within Business Banking for 11 years. I am here to help build the relationship with the clients and to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for them.

A New Dynamic

Is it possible to have perfect work – life balance? Discover all about Dynamic Working at Barclays.

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Premier and Wealth experiences

Mapping out my own development with Barclays

When I joined six years ago, I’d always seen Barclays as a desirable company to work for. Friends who’d worked here had also told me about the great benefits, social life, community involvement and flexible working. But I probably didn’t…

The road from Cashier to Premier Relationship Banker

There are so many opportunities to take advantage of at Barclays. It’s a massive business. So whatever your strengths, skills or area of interest, there is bound to be an avenue for you to explore. You can count on plenty of help and support too.

Support, learning and success: being part of Barclays’ multicultural workforce

Since I arrived here, Barclays has really opened my eyes to the banking sector. The people who work here and their commitment to upholding the company’s multicultural ethic are extremely valuable.

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Digital & Innovation stories

Managing Barclay’s digital future

I’ve been at Barclays for over two years now. I joined the business straight from university where I’d studied Geography. Starting out on the Tech and Innovation programme involving four rotations: the first, user experience design; a spell with the …

Staying in touch with our customers’ needs

I’d originally applied for the Marketing graduate programme. While I was doing my economics degree, I was working for a consultancy firm taking care of the sales and marketing side of things so this seemed to make sense. However…

Driving digital change for all

Customer issues can be seen as negative, but when handled correctly they can help us drive significant, positive change. By embracing feedback we receive on our accessibility services, we’ve already been able to create some truly

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